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Who Can Be A Whistleblower?

If you know of fraud being committed against a company or against the government (city, state or federal government), you can stop it by becoming a whistleblower. If you know of fraud against the government, you can bring a lawsuit on the government’s behalf against the company or person committing the fraud. If you know of fraud against a publicly-traded company, you can bring a whistleblower claim to the government to investigate. In both situations, you can get a reward for helping the government recover the money.

How We Can Help You

Like most legal matters, there are many legal issues that arise in a whistleblower case, and an experienced attorney can guide you through the process. We can help you put together proof of the fraud, draft a court complaint, prepare information that needs to be provided to government investigators, and, if the case goes to trial, present your case at trial. Standing up for what is right is often difficult, but we will be with you every step of the way and we do not get paid unless you win.

Who We Are

Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten is a seventeen-lawyer firm based in Boston. Among are lawyers are four former prosecutors, two former city attorneys, and two former attorneys for the state.

Andrew Rainer, our attorney who specializes in whistleblower litigation, is a former Assistant Attorney General and former Assistant District Attorney, who has been handling fraud cases for over 25 years. He is an AV-Preeminent Lawyer, who has served as lead consel in dozens of jury trials, and helped clients recover numerous multi-million dollar settlements. Mr. Rainer has been named a Massachusetts Superlawyer, and has also been honored as Lawyer of the Year and as Prosecutor of the Year.

Types of Fraud We Can Help You Stop

  • – Fraud by Municipal, State or Federal Contractors
  • – Fraud in Supplying Goods to the Government
  • – Fraud in Billing Services to the Government
  • – Fraud in Bidding on Government Contracts
  • – Fraud in Applying for Government Grants
  • – Fraud in a Company’s Financial Statements
  • – Fraud in a Company’s Sales or Billing Practices
  • – Fraud in a Company’s Public Statements

What Reward Can A Whistleblower Get

Many whistleblower suits are settled by the repayment of large amounts of money to the government, or large fines. If the government recovers money as a result of the information you provide, you are entitled to be paid between 10 and 30 percent of the amount the government recovers. Over the past 25 years, whistleblowers have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars.

How You Are Protected

If you are an employee of the company that is committing fraud, you may be concerned that you could lose your job if you blow the whistle on the company’s fraud. Fortunately, the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act both provide job protection for whistleblowers. When you start a whistleblower case, the law keeps secret the fact that you have filed the case. In most cases, the company will not find out you have blown the whistle for many months after you report the fraud. If the company does find out you have blown the whistle and retaliates against you, the law protects you by imposing stiff penalties on the company.

Our Successes

BHPK Attorney Andrew Rainer brought the first whistleblower suit against a government contractor for fraud on Boston’s Big Dig, helping the federal and state governments recover almost $50 million. Mr. Rainer also helped employees of two other major contractors, Stone & Webster Engineering and Havens Steel Company, recover millions of dollars lost from their pension funds, and has helped stockholders of numerous companies recover for securities fraud committed by the companies’ officers and directors.

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