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Each case is unique in the impact that it has on the lives of the people involved. This is particularly true in cases of sexual abuse. At the Boston, Massachusetts law firm of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP, we represent victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault, campus sexual assault, rape, incest, clergy abuse and child sex abuse. On behalf of our clients, we have obtained multi-million dollar awards and settlements and forced countless institutions to improve maintenance, security procedures, and security equipment.

A sample of our sexual assault and abuse cases include:

  • A male student at a residential school for troubled adolescents whose therapist had a sexual relationship with him;
  • A dentist who fondled his patients’ bodies while they were anesthetized; and
  • A young man raped repeatedly as a child by a local priest

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable for Sex Abuse

We seek recovery not only from the criminal, but also from other responsible parties — such as schools, universities, camps, youth centers, residential facilities, employers, property owners, security companies, and religious organizations — whose failure to adequately protect our clients helped the perpetrator commit the crime.

Led by founding partner Laurence Hardoon — a nationally recognized expert on sexual abuse and misconduct — an experienced former prosecutor, BHPK has compassionately represented hundreds of victims of sexual abuse.

The attorneys at BHPK are widely recognized as experts in the field of sexual abuse, having handled many high-profile cases. They and their cases have been featured in the news and on television and radio for such media outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, 20/20, 48 Hours, and others.

BHPK has achieved a high level of success for our clients for several reasons:

Extensive Trial Experience

With a legal team that consists of former prosecutors and experienced civil trial attorneys, the lawyers at BHPK have tremendous trial experience in sexual assault and abuse cases. We have tried hundreds of cases throughout the course of our careers, and our excellent trial skills are recognized throughout the legal community.

Compassion for our Clients

We have represented a broad spectrum of clients traumatized by sexual abuse including students, young children, adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, clergy abuse victims, employees, patients, psychotherapy clients, and victims of stranger attacks. We are highly sensitive to the challenges facing clients who have experienced traumatic emotional injury as a result of sexual abuse or rape. We have an outstanding reputation for our ability to work compassionately with clients to help empower them and rebuild their lives.

Relationships with Highly Regarded Experts

When handling matters of sexual assault and abuse, experts can be critical to litigation success. At BHPK, we have extensive connections and relationships with psychotherapists, police departments, victims’ rights organizations, and hospitals that help us build winning cases for our clients. We collaborate with a network that spans multiple organizations to build a comprehensive case strategy designed to help you achieve the best possible results.

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