At BHPK Law, we are pleased to offer full mediation and arbitration services. Led by Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Paul Chernoff (Ret.), BHPK’s Mediation Group is well equipped to help you resolve a broad range of civil cases involving employment law, personal injury, insurance, and business disputes. Judge Chernoff served thirty-six years on the Massachusetts Superior Court bench and has resolved countless cases on both a formal and informal basis. His experience presiding over Superior Court and District Court jury and bench trials across the Commonwealth makes him uniquely qualified to serve as a neutral third party for a full spectrum of civil disputes.

In many cases, using ADR, such as mediation or arbitration, can save both time and money, and help avoid the emotional toll of protracted litigation. An early mediation, for example, can avoid the need for filing a lawsuit or help to avoid a trial or a lengthy and costly appeal.

While both mediation and arbitration involve a neutral third party, and a more informal setting than a traditional courtroom, there are some key differences between the two which may make one more appropriate than the other for your specific needs. During a mediation, for example, a mediator will assist in evaluating a claim and help the parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediations are non-binding and confidential, and either party can end the negotiations at any time before a settlement. On the other hand, in an arbitration, the arbitrator will actually decide the merits of a dispute after considering the presentation of evidence and positions of the parties. Although arbitration resembles a jury-waived trial, the rules of evidence are ordinarily relaxed and the environment is much less formal.

We have ample space to handle mediations or arbitrations at our Back Bay offices, but we are also amenable to traveling to other locations if that better suits the needs of the parties. To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our mediators, or to learn more about our alternative dispute resolution services, please contact us.