Child Abuse and Sexual Assault

The attorneys at BHPK have recovered millions of dollars for survivors of sexual violence and sexual abuse, and have handled many precedent-setting cases in Massachusetts. Notably, founding partner Laurence E. Hardoon has been nationally recognized for his pioneering work in the field of child sexual abuse litigation. Over the past forty years, Larry has represented hundreds of survivors of the clergy sex scandal and also helped to establish the first ever Children’s Advocacy Center in Middlesex County. In addition, our team is uniquely qualified to understand the many sensitive issues that arise in demanding accountability and justice when a person has been physically violated -- issues that few law firms are qualified to handle. Combined, they have represented hundreds of survivors who have been sexually abused, and have brought claims against the Archdiocese, child care centers, hospitals, day care centers, private schools, teachers, doctors, foster parents, and therapists. Many members of our team are uniquely qualified to handle sexual abuse claims as former sex crimes prosecutors in both Suffolk and Middlesex Counties.

Our lawyers understand the barriers to reporting sexual misconduct, the re-traumatization that can occur when disclosing abuse, and the courage and time it can take for survivors to come forward and share their stories. Victims and perpetrators sometimes know each other, or have friends or relatives in common, which often compounds their stress. Survivors are often coping with profound trauma, and symptoms can manifest themselves in the form of shame, fear, anger, guilt, humiliation, depression, anxiety, difficulty forming relationships, and trouble trusting other people. We understand these issues well, and work with our clients’ therapists, and the most qualified expert psychologists to compassionately and empathetically prepare our clients for participation in their cases in order to hold individuals and entities responsible for their abuse, and to help make sure it won’t happen to someone else.

In short, our team of experienced attorneys is ready to help you prosecute your civil claims, while providing you with expert guidance and support during those difficult processes.