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Every day hundreds of people are injured in falls throughout Massachusetts. These might be falls on the ice, falls down stairs or on defective walkways, or falls on slippery surfaces or foreign objects. The places they occur are diverse, including restaurants, parking garages, offices, malls, shops, apartments, hotels, and supermarkets. Depending upon the circumstances, the injured person may have a right to compensation for their injuries. It is always important to document the conditions that led to the fall as soon as possible since the right to recover may depend on the transitory facts of the incident. The senior attorneys at BHPK have been handling these types of cases for over twenty-five years.

Recovery for falling on snow and ice depends upon the manner in which the snow or ice accumulated and who was responsible for maintenance of the area. At BHPK, we understand the value of responding swiftly when clients calls us so that we can document these conditions. Our tenacious and quick involvement can make the difference between an outstanding recovery and a merely mediocre one.

Commercial landlords are responsible for safely maintaining their property for customers and guests. Our expertise in this area enables us to maximize our client’s compensation for these types of injuries. We utilize the most experienced experts to build our cases.

Residential landlords are also responsible for safely maintaining their property for tenants and their guests. Their duty of care is higher than that of commercial landlords but the investigation and preparation is highly critical and time sensitive. Our overwhelming preparation often generates pre-trial settlements in these cases.

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