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No one understands better than the lawyers at Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP that the pain of an assault goes far beyond the physical injuries. Injuries from violent crimes, whether committed by a stranger at a bar or, as is often the case in domestic violence cases, by someone we love, can cause lasting and often permanent damage to the body including scars, disfigurement, arthritis, disability, loss of function, and pain. Injuries from these types of claims can also mean lost time from work, lost wages, medical and other expenses, lost future earnings, and emotional harm such as depression, anxiety, fear, loss of self-esteem, problems with weight gain/loss, sleep problems and lack of concentration, loss of enjoyment of life, and problems with trust and maintaining relationships. A lawsuit can never fully compensate our clients for what they have lost or truly make them “whole.” However, a financial award can often make the first steps towards recovery — either through therapy or payment of medical bills — a real possibility.

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