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Attorneys in the Boston law office of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP have represented clients in toxic tort litigation since the inception of the firm. Many of our attorneys had years of experience in this area prior to practicing at BHPK. Exposure to toxic substances in the form of ingestion of lead based products, exposure to toxic fumes from chemical cleaning products and manufacturing agents and damages from environmental contaminants are just a few of the contexts in which these issues have been addressed by BHPK attorneys. Our clients range from individuals to property owners to manufacturers to Distributors to retailers.

Toxic tort claims involve a detailed analysis of the alleged exposure with identification of contributing factors, other potential parties involved in the alleged contamination, historical use of buildings and properties, and causation issues. This process requires creative use of resources in the relevant community and access to a team of reliable, trustworthy and eminently qualified experts in the appropriate area of specialty. In addition, the medical analysis of alleged personal injuries requires an in-depth knowledge of the product or substance involved. Comprehensive collection of medical records and data and a detailed review of those records is critical to the ability to analyze risks posed to a client and provides a basis for well-informed decision making when it comes to developing a strategic defense for our clients.

Our experienced trial attorneys defend clients in toxic tort litigation in both state and federal courts and more often than not deal with federal law as it relates to the particular alleged toxin. Cases can run the gamut from a relatively straightforward claim by one plaintiff against one defendant to complex multi-party claims. Appropriate and creative use of alternative dispute resolution is used in those cases where clients desire certainty and finality.

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