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Brody, Hardoon, Perkins, & Kesten, LLP has been involved in some of the largest fire loss cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have extensive experience representing fire protection designers, installers and maintenance contractors, alarm companies, duct cleaners, and property owners. We also represent manufacturers of allegedly defective products that may be involved.

These claims generally require immediate site inspections and analysis with immediate access to well-regarded and thorough experts including photographers, cause and origin experts, and industry representatives. This also entails collection of relevant records from public authorities, clients and other potentially liable parties in the event that litigation results in the future. Recently, computer forensics have become instrumental in a number of loss investigations. We have the resources to manage the early stages of an investigation in a cost-effective manner with storage facilities that permit immediate access to records in the future.

Both residential and commercial fire losses require the same intensive investigation while the evidence and witness recollections are fresh. It is important to consider all potential causes of ignition including faulty wiring, improper maintenance, and mechanical failures.

Contract and insurance policy interpretation is often a critical element in handling major fire losses. Evaluation of insurance coverage and other contractual terms including waiver of subrogation, limitation of liability, and additional insured requirements must be made early on in the process in order to position the parties. Early analysis can lead to the denial of claims, or to the dismissal of actions as soon as they are filed or at the motion for summary judgment stage.

Cases involving personal injury or death as a result of fire are particularly sensitive cases. Analysis of cause and origin must be completed as soon as possible with the goal to immediately address the personal injury claims. BHPK has the resources to analyze medical prognoses with the assistance of medical and vocational rehabilitation experts.

BHPK seriously evaluates the course of an investigation in order to provide cost-effective service to the insurer and aggressive defense for the insured.

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