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Massachusetts Employers and The Family and Medical Leave Act

As work takes up increasingly more time, and more and more families have dual working parents, it has become that much more difficult to balance work responsibilities with the demands of family life. The Federal Government enacted the Family and Medical Leave Act to assist employees in balancing their work responsibilities with personal issues, such as a family member’s illness, that may require them to take time off from their job. The Act requires covered employers to grant eligible employees a certain amount of unpaid leave for any one or more of the following reasons: childbirth, adoption, to care for an immediate family member, or to take a medical leave to deal with their own serious health condition. There are a set of specific regulations and prerequisites that an employee must meet prior to being approved for such leave. For example, one eligibility requirement is that an employee must work 1,250 hours during the twelve months preceding the start of the requested leave. BHPK attorneys not only understand the statute and its requirements but can also assist employers in responding to an employee’s request for leave or responding to allegations that they may have violated the Act by not granting an employee their requested leave.

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