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A whistleblower in an employment setting is, simply, an employee who reveals or threatens to reveal some type of wrongdoing within their job or company to an authority figure or outside organization. Oftentimes, the work environment for someone who has “blown the whistle” on an unethical or egregious situation in their employment can become extremely uncomfortable, particularly after a lawsuit is filed. Because of this, and due to the potential for retaliation, employees who believe that their employer has violated the law are often fearful of reporting such violations. However, there is a statute in Massachusetts specifically designed to protect employees who are whistleblowers from such retaliation.

BHPK attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with these types of workplace conflicts and have been able to work out both monetary settlements and non-monetary resolutions with our clients. If need be, we have also had favorable outcomes in bringing these types of cases to trial and are available to our clients at all stages of the litigation process.

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